Editor-In-Chief & Executive Producer, Michael Anthony Melancon II
Week of April 24th - April 30th, 2017
Radio Broadcast #719 | TV Episode #109

HomeTalk TV


  • BIZ TV 11:00am EST
    Bruce Dunham
    with Connecticut Electric

    TOPIC: Replacement Circuit Breakers

    Michael King welcomes Bruce Dunham with Connecticut Electric to discuss replacement circuit breakers. Connecticut Electric is the designer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialty electrical components that are sold through electrical distributors, hardware stores, and home improvement retailers. Products include proprietary branded circuit breakers, as well as manual transfer switches, spa panels, RV power outlets, and marine products.

  • BIZ TV 11:00am EST
    Jason Stile
    with Ajustco

    TOPIC: Adjustable Home Security Locks.

    Michael King welcomes Jason Stile with Ajustco to discuss adjustable home security locks. Ajustco are the manufacturers of the AjustLock - the world's first adjustable catch bolt lock. Ajustco's impressive selection of commercial door locks, heavy-duty locks, kitchen cabinet locks, window locks, gate locks, and latches are available in Zinc or Brass barrel bolts.

  • BIZ TV 11:00am EST
    Ron Morton
    with Buddy Tools

    TOPIC: Drywall Taping Tool

    Michael King welcomes Ron Morton with Buddy Tools to discuss the TapeBuddy® Drywall Taping Tool, a one step drywall tape and joint compound application tool that makes taping drywall super easy.

  • BIZ TV 11:00am EST
    Arthur Eiserloh
    with BONIDE

    TOPIC: Weed Control

    Arthur Eiserloh with BONIDE discusses weed control. Founded in 1926, BONIDE is a family owned and operated business who cares about the environment, their customers, employees, and suppliers. BONIDE provides the best possible solutions for home, lawn and garden pest problems, including attractive, convenient, cost effective packaging and product selection second to none.